An unforgettable wedding day.

From the sacred vows exchanged at St. Stephen's Church to the warmth and beauty of their home-turned-reception venue, Maria & Bruce's wedding was one to remember!

St. Stephen's Church, Baughurst

Situated in serene Baughurst village, St. Stephens Church is a charmingly unique parish church. Built in 1845 on the site of an ancient Saxon Church, its timeless gothic style and unique octagonal top stage and spire is a wonderful backdrop for a wedding ceremony and it was a pleasure to shoot at!

Embrace your quirks!

Maria & Bruce were not the type to shy away from what makes them them! One of my favourite funny features was this shivaree of sugar free red bull. As someone with a penchant for caffeinated soft drinks this little touch tickled me pink!

Making an entrance!

As guests made their way to the reception, the newly-wed Mr and Mrs Buckland headed to nearby Brimpton Airfield (sugar free red bull in tow). Taking their celebration to new heights, the couple gracefully descended from the skies above! Truly a breath-taking spectacle that set the tone for an striking soirée!

Wedding story.

Take a look through a collection of images that capture the beauty of Maria & Bruce's wedding celebration.