Hey, I'm Sam!

I live in Newbury just a couple minutes up the road from Shaw House in Newbury.

I have been a Photographer for over ten years, it is one of my greatest passions and for the last few years I've been fortunate enough for it to have become my full time job!

My Photography Philosophy

I believe being a photographer means more than just taking great photos. My passion lies in observing the world from an artistic perspective, paying close attention to people, the environment, and the emotions of a moment. Bringing all these things together through the lens to create memories that tell a story in a natural yet distinct style.

But being a great wedding photographer means so much more! My approach to a wedding is to blend in and make you and your guests comfortable with my presence so you're free to enjoy your day, and I'm free to capture it! I'm always in two places at once, doing everything I can to keep the day running smoothly!

But enough about me, I'd love to hear from you! If you have wedding plans and are looking for a passionate photographer, send me a message!

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